AS XIII (May 1978 - April 1979)
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The Sovereign's Pleasure is created in May and given to Cerdric fils de Guilluame, Heinrich Altmark, John of Ean Airgead (the Mad Celt), Louis de L'Anguille, Morgana de L'Anguille, and Robert Hightower. Louis de L'Anguille becomes the first to receive the Sanguine Mountain.

July sees the Coronation of the Second Monarchs of Meridies, King Orlando I and Queen Taislin I. John and Kassandra become the first Count and Countess of Meridies with Countess Kassandra becoming the principle member of the Order of the Rose for the Kingdom. The Order of Denial (Baronial service award for the Barony of Grey Niche{Memphis}) is created and inducts 9 members. The Meridian Majesty is created and given to 4 members. This is also the time of creation for the order of the Weapon's Master, given to 3 members.

Count John is the victor of the third Meridian Crown List for Heather of Tyson in November. At this event, Master Cathal becomes the first member of the order of the Broken Brank.

In December of 1978, the order of the Axe is created with the induction of it's first 5 members.

The coronation of John II and Heather I occurs in March of 1979. Five members of the populace receive the Order of the Bard, and Sir Starhelm and Mistress Nerak of inducted into the Order of the Gilded Thorne. Count Orlando is invested with his County and inducted into the Order of the Laurel on the same day.