Master Cathal's AoA
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On Master Cathal's AoA:


It was from Atenveldt.  The Principality was formed and even de jure at that point; however it had no ceremonial head because the  Territorial Prince/ess would not be officially bestowed until a couple of months later.  Prince-heir Francois gave me the award in the name of the Crown of Atenveldt.


Things were odd award-wise in the early days .  Scrolls were usually a myth and a promise (I never did receive a scroll) and sometimes all that was given was a phone call (Mistress Alainn, for example, received notice of her Laurel second and third hand: second hand from me who was the herald in Thor's Mountain and third hand 'officially' by seeing it printed in the "Southwind", the Aten newsletter).  She did call the King out in Phoenix in the interim to verify it...;-}

I was also Torch Pursuivant back in those days (holding multiple offices in different focii was not unusual) and keeping track of who had what was...a challenge.  Bearkiller especially was famous for bucket-courts where he would give out awards by the gallon.