AS XII (May 1977- April 1978)
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On June 25th, Rebecca of Tywyn the Demanding was made the first Pelican of Meridies.

July 8th would see the investiture of William and Helene as the third Prince and Princess of Meridies, at which Ammalynne Haraldsdottir, John the Bearkiller, and Saavogg Haraldsson receive the Meridian Highness, an award for which we would like more information.

October 10th would see the first Crown of Meridies won by Viscount John the Bearkiller for Viscountess Kassandra in the Barony of Grey Niche.

On the 14th day of January in 1978, John and Kassandra are crowned King John I and Queen Kassandra I of Meridies, forming the 5th Kingdom of the Society in the Shire of White Buck Forest. Barok Baran and Yosef Alaric become the first Court Barons made by Meridies. Sakura Tetsuo was elevated to the Order of Chivalry, becoming the first knight in the Kingdom of Meridies.

February would see the creation of the Sable Gryphon with the induction of 9 principle members ( Alainn AodhMoira BeanlaLarren, Cathal mac Edan na faeled, Cedric fils dr Guilluame, Chrystofer Larchmont, Godelind of Windemere, Idn'Jalil, Karl der Wanderer, Rebecca of Tywyn the Demanding, and Seigfried das Wilterkind).

The order of the Velvet Owl would come into existence with the induction of it's first three members in March (Landreau the Unfinished, Margala of Dovedale, and Thomas Megatherium of Castle Leviathan). Anselm Blackwing recieved the first Silent Trumpet

Orlando Calvacanti proved victorious the second Meridian Crown List for Taislin FitzSimmons on April 22nd in the Shire of Draconia.