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The senior knight gives the first toast of the evening, to the Crown. The second most senior knight makes the second toast. This is not by OP rank, but by creation as a knight.


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by Alexander Ravenscroft

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by Anonymous

This tradition has gotten muddied by time and rumor. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it's the youngest knight who toasts TRMs and the oldest knight who toasts TRHs. I have seen times when the person to give the toast was sitting high table for some reason, it was passed along to someone else. In ...
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Created on Feb 28, 2012, 4:57 PM
by Anonymous

Yes, lacking a Peer, I think the highest ranking persons present should make the toast - it is only fitting. And I think the muddling is a result of people not knowing our past. This type of toasting traditions is very close to what is done in Great Britain.
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