AS XVI (May 1981 - April 1982)
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The Barony of Bryn Madoc hosts Crown List on May 5th, won by Duke John the Bearkiller for Countess Heather.  On June 29th, Their Majesties Augment the Arms of the Barony of the South Downs, a first for the Kingdom.   September sees the ascension of King John and Queen Heather as the 7th pair to wear the Meridian crowns.   This represents the first time someone has been Queen of Meridies more than once.  Beorn and Megan are elevated to Count and Countess, Megan is invested into the Order of the Rose after a 9 month reign as Soverign and Consort.

Cedric and Alainn win the Crown List on Orctober 10th.  Their Coronation as the 8th Crowns of Meridies was in April, where Heather becomes the first Duchess of Meridies.